Dance Team

Cougarettes Consitution

The Purpose of the MQP Dance team is to:

  • Exemplify the MQP mission statement
  • Represent MQP at basketball and football games
  • Represent MQP and any other performances
  • Promote and uphold school spirit
  • Encourage a good sense of sportsmanship among students
  • Promote unification of the crowd's involvement during athletic events
  • Uphold personal as well as dance team standards
  • Promote school community by supporting and cooperating with other clubs and organizations

General Code of Conduct

To be a member of the MQP dance team, a student must accept the premise that her first extracurricular responsibility will be dance team activities, even when it is in conflict with another outside activity beyond academic concerns. Of course, your academic training is of utmost importance. The purpose of this statement is for you to understand the importance of performing, and if you cannot accept this first responsibility, then you should not be a Cougarette dancer. The dance team represents the school and each member is a role model for others. It is important that all members attend all activities and support the school.

  • Team members should be leaders within the school and set a Christian example at all times.
  • A member must be courteous and friendly to all other team members, as well as others in and outside of MQP.
  • A member must be respectful to moderator and coach at all times.