The Purpose of the MQP Cheer Team is to:

-Promote and uphold school spirit

-Exemplify the MQP mission statement

-Represent MQP at football and basketball games

-Represent MQP at other school functions

-Encourage a good sense of sportsmanship among students

-Promote unification of the crowd’s involvement during athletic events

-Promote school community by supporting and cooperating with other clubs and organizations


  General Code of Conduct:


To be a member of the MQP cheer team, a student must accept the premise that her first extracurricular responsibility will be cheer activities, even when it is a conflict with another outside activity, beyond academic concerns. The cheer team represents MQP and each member is a role model for others. It is important that all members attend all activities and support the school.




-Team members should be leaders within the school and set a positive Christian example at all times.

-A member must be courteous and friendly to all other team members, as well as others in and outside of MQP.

-A member must be respectful to moderator and coach at all times.

-All members must work together with the team’s best interest in mind.


A coach or moderator will decide on placement for stunting and routines based on skill readiness. This is to ensure the safety of all team members.