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Mary, Queen of Peace Catholic School is a Catholic elementary school for boys and girls in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 7. Established in 1996, it serves the families of the Mandeville and Covington area. In this capacity, it has educated many students in the Catholic tradition, giving them the moral and academic foundation from which to develop prosperous and fulfilling careers.


Affirming the mission and beliefs of Mary, Queen of Peace Catholic School and serving as a living example of the value of Catholic education, a Mary, Queen of Peace graduate:

  • Serves as a Christian role model and leads by example.
  • Takes pride in the Mary, Queen of Peace educational experience and is ever grateful for the foundation received.
  • Differentiates between right and wrong and promotes ethical behavior.
  • Recognizes and lives by the ideals of good citizenship and social responsibility.
  • Appreciates God-given gifts and recognizes the need to share time, talent, and treasure with those less fortunate.
  • Behaves with discipline and dignity.
  • Is well rounded intellectually, physically, and socially.
  • Values the importance of education and is dedicated to the pursuit of truth, knowledge, and higher learning.
  • Projects a self-confidence that inspires acceptance of the challenges of daily life.
  • Exudes a healthy respect for self, others, and God’s creation in all of its diversity.
  • Understands the Catholic faith and strives to live by its ideals daily.