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Religion Curriculum

Mary, Queen of Peace follows the archdiocesan guidelines for textbooks.  This means that all of our textbooks are approved by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, are suitable for use in age- appropriate settings, and are doctrinally sound. At Mary, Queen of Peace, we offer material that is based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, is doctrinally sound and is always age appropriate.

Our K through 6th grade uses the William H. Sadlier WE BELIEVE - Project Disciple series.   This program is faithful to the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  It presents content that embraces the four pillars of the Catechism – Creed, Liturgy and Sacraments, Moral Life, and Prayer.  Each lesson integrates prayer, saints, liturgy and Catholic social teaching along with faith sharing and catechesis. We Believe is a spiritual curriculum that presents the key concepts of the faith each year, with a developmentally appropriate focus.  Families are involved through the Faith Sharing pages that students bring home each week.

We Believe - Project Disciple is a catechetical series that is proven, faithful, and dynamic. It helps young disciples learn, live, and hope in the Good News of Jesus Christ!

The website for our series offers free family activities.  You may view this website at www.webelieveweb.com .

Our 7th and 8th grade program uses William H. Sadlier Series, WE LIVE OUR FAITH series, while our 9th and 10th grade uses the William H. Sadlier Faith and Witness Series. We use Morality, New Testament and Liturgy and Worship. These texts introduce students to their faith as young Catholics.  Thought provoking presentations involve them in and promote understanding of the faith.  The systematic catechesis builds a solid foundation through shared study, reflections, prayer and Catholic action.

Special Education is offered for all children with special needs.  Please call the office for more information.

Sunday Mass

It is extremely important that your child attend Mass on Sunday and participate in the Eucharistic celebration.  We hope that you will attend Mass at Mary, Queen of Peace on a regular basis with your entire family.  Bringing your child to Mass is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child.

The Mass schedule is as follows:

  • Saturday afternoon at 5:00PM
  • Sunday morning at 8:00AM, 9:30AM and 11:30AM
  • Sunday evening at 6:00PM
  • Holidays and Holy Days vary
  • Daily Mass
  • Monday – Saturday    9:00AM
  • Wednesday                 6:30AM and 6:00PM


First Reconciliation and First Eucharist

are usually completed in 2nd grade.  The child must have received two consecutive years of religious education prior to receiving the sacrament.  In order for the child to receive these sacraments at Mary, Queen of Peace, the parents must attend the Parent Meeting held for each sacrament.  They last approximately one hour.  A fee is charged to cover the cost of the sacrament books, reception and retreat day held for the children along with the rehearsal. Interviews with parents and students will be held during this time. All other information will be given out at the parent meetings.  At this time the fee is $40.00


The sacrament of Confirmation  is celebrated in the 11th grade.  All students must attend 9th and 10th grade either in PSR or Catholic school in order to confirm at Mary, Queen of Peace. However, the student must have been in PSR or Catholic school from 1st through 8th grade or they will need to be in a catch-up program.  Registration is held in the spring of the 10th grade class.  Classes will begin at the end of spring and continue till Confirmation in the fall.  There is a fee for this which includes books, material, retreat and the reception. All parents and students must attend the mandatory meeting in the spring to enter the last phase of the Confirmation program.


Regular class attendance is important.  Children are required to attend all classes in their entirety.  Our experience has been that if your child does not attend on a regular basis, he or she will find it difficult to understand the subject matter and to keep up with the class.  We encourage you to bring your child to class every week.  If your child must miss a class, please obtain the makeup work from the teacher the following week.  The child will be marked excused when the class work is turned in completed.  No child will be allowed to miss more than 3 classes and be promoted to the next grade, unless all makeup work has been satisfactorily completed.  This does not pertain to Sacrament Prep.  If you know your child will miss a class, please call the office.

Children must attend PSR or Catholic school from 1st grade through 12th grade.  No child should skip grades during this time.  This is practiced not only by Mary, Queen of Peace  - it is the requirement of the archdiocese and the USCCB.  If your child drops out in the early years and wishes to return at sacrament time, he or she will be placed in a catch-up class until he or she has a knowledge of the materials missed along the way.

Cancellation of Religious Education classes. If for any reason the public or Catholic schools on the north shore send students home in the middle of the day or cancel school for the day, we will not have Religious Education classes that day.  (Unless it is one local school with an on-site problem)

Parental Involvement

We strongly encourage all parents to be involved in the religious education of their children.  If you feel you are unable to teach or cannot teach because of your schedule, there are other ways for you to serve the program.  We are always in need of substitute teachers, car line helpers, auditorium helpers for dismissal, office help and people to copy, cut out, etc.  Please volunteer to help our program grow.  Parent meetings will be held every year.  Please plan to attend as they are mandatory.

Safe Environment: Policy of Abuse and Neglect

The parish teachers and staff have a responsibility to report incidents of apparent child abuse or neglect and to cooperate with authorities in relation to these matters.  Such reporting is required by law.  Those who serve as catechists and staff members have an obligation to follow the policy concerning abuse and neglect of minors in the Archdiocese of New Orleans.  All of our catechists and volunteers must complete the Safe Environment training every 3 years as well as the online information for background checks and approval in order to work with children on a regular basis.

Child Protection Catechesis…As you may know the Archdiocese of New Orleans implemented a mandatory policy on the teaching of Child Protection and Safe Environment to all teachers, volunteers and students.  We do this teaching with your child during the month of October, which is Respect for Life month.  If for any reason you prefer to do this teaching yourself, please come by the office and pick up a lesson plan.  Lessons are also available in the office for you to preview.

Emergency Information

In the religious education office, files are maintained on all students in case of emergency.  Please keep your child’s file up to date with emergency phone numbers, your home and cell phone number as well as your current address.  If your child is diagnosed with something that should be noted in his or her file, be sure to make the office aware in writing.


All messages for teachers or aides should be left with the PSR office at 674-9794.  Our teachers are volunteers; we train them as often as possible and follow up with them weekly concerning teaching strategies, concerns, etc.


Registration Fees are due at time of registration.  If you are unable to pay at this time, you may make arrangements with the DRE for later payment or for a scholarship.  We never turn anyone away based on inability to pay.  NSF checks will be assessed a $35.00 fee.  At this time, the registration fee is $60.00 with a $10.00 discount given to each student who pre registers in the spring.

Parish Website

The parish has a website with a lot of information.  Please www.maryqueenofpeace.org regularly for upcoming events, news, pictures and more. PSR calendars, registration information, etc. are all being posted on the website.  We also have Twitter, Facebook, and an app that can be downloaded at myparishapp.com.

Dress Code for Students

We ask that students dress appropriately for class and refrain from wearing anything that draws unusual attention to them or may affect their participation in class. No one may wear short shorts, midriffs, tank tops or inappropriate sayings on clothing.  Children must wear shoes.  Please do not allow your child to wear costumes or other distracting outfits.

Personal Possessions

Items such as radios, CD players, electronic games, cell phones, etc. are not allowed at PSR.  If your child must have a cell phone, it is to be turned off until you pick them up after class.  Phones are available in the office if they need to call home for any reason.  No other calls should be made.  Students should not bring money or valuables with them to class as the parish is not responsible for lost money or valuables.  We will take cell phones and other items and keep them in the office for the parents to pick up if the child uses the items during class time.  This includes students who are text messaging and reading text messages.

Drop off and Pick up

Please do not drop your child off more than 10 minutes before class and pick them up on time as well.

If you must pick your child up early or drop your child off late, please come into the PSR office in the Parish Center and sign the child in or out as needed.  Children will be called to the office by the secretary or volunteer.  Please do not go to the child’s classroom and disturb the entire class.  Please do not tell the child in any grade to meet you outside at a certain time; they will not be allowed to leave the class.


The carline is for the safety of your child.  We ask all parents (Grades K-6) to use the carline and not come to the door to pick up your child.  Carline usually takes about 10-15 minutes to complete on our busiest day.  We need parent volunteers to help with carline as the teachers are needed in the auditorium to remain with the children.  Please arrive 10 minutes before dismissal and plan to stay 10 minutes after dismissal if you can help.

Every parent should have the names of the children printed on a sheet in the window of their car on the drivers side.  This makes calling names for carline much faster and easier.

No minor siblings may come in to pick up your children.

Children in grades 7 through 10 are to be dropped off and picked up by parents in the parking lot.  We do not have a carline.  Please park in the same area every week and let your child meet you there.  Please be sure to watch for other children in the parking lot.

Please be aware that the driver of the vehicle may not be on a cell phone talking or texting in the carline.  This is Louisiana State Law.

Walking Home

If your child walks home during daylight hours, we must have a note on file in the office.

Discipline and Problem Solutions

As our young people grow and mature they develop in many different ways.  Their faith development is an integral part of their intellectual, physical, social, emotional and moral development.  We feel it is important to see the faith development of our students as co-partners in this relationship with their parents.  Parents are the primary educators of their children.  We are here to assist you in your child’s education.  It is therefore essential that we work together in developing good behavior habits and positive attitudes toward religious education.  We offer the following suggestions for the home:

  • a. Remind your child of the proper way to act, and that certain situations call for our best behavior, such as classrooms, church, carline, etc
  • b. Recognize that the teacher has the special privilege of
  • representing you during class time and should be treated with respect.  Affirm that with your child.
  • c. Try to project a positive attitude about attending religious education classes.  Just by the presence of your child, we know you consider their participation in the program important to you.
  • d. We hope to instill in your child a pride and respect for themselves as Catholics and Christians in today’s society and as part of the Mary, Queen of Peace family.
  • e. Help your child recognize rules as necessary to protect and to respect all people, which includes respecting public and private property.
  • f. It is important for your child to follow the rules for the safety of all children in our parish.  This means we also respect the property of others.  Please remind your children that the parish and school are sharing space.  Remind them to refrain from using, damaging or taking anything in a desk that belongs to someone else.
  • g. Specific classroom rules:
  • h. Allow everyone to have an opportunity to speak.
  • i. Raise your hand and wait to be called on.
  • j. Remain quiet while the teacher or someone else is speaking.
  • k. Always remain seated unless a teacher tells you otherwise.
  • l. Walk in the halls and auditorium without yelling, jumping or making noises that are disturbing to others.
  • m. Respect one another.
  • n. If a child’s behavior continuously disrupts the class or leaning process of others, the child will be sent to the office.  At the first incident, the child will be reminded of expected behavior and the consequences.  After the second incident, the child will be sent to the office where a discussion with the DRE will take place and a determination made if it is necessary to call the parents.  If a child is sent to the office a third time, the parents will be called to pick the child up and have a conference.  If the behavior continues, it may be necessary for the parent to attend class with the child or the child to be removed from the classroom.

Please remind your child not to wear hats inside of buildings, especially the church.  It is also important that they not chew gum, eat or drink during class, especially not  in church.

Office Personnel for Religious Education…

Director of Religious Education… Jewell Bayhi
Administrative Assistant……………………Maria Lowe
Administrative Assistant……………………Marysa Alvarez

The telephone number to reach the office is 985-674-9794.
The fax number is 985-674-1441.
Email address for Jewell Bayhi is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.