Suggested Reading

June 2016

Check out "Poverty,Inc." on Netflix.

An updated vision on how aid helps and hurts.  We are on the right track with aiding in education.

5 January 2014

Read Nicholas Kristof's article about child trafficking in Haiti called restaveks here as written in the 3 January 2014 Times Picayune.  His book, Half the Sky, is also listed on the suggested reading list.

“The truth is that most poor people prefer someone else to supply the ingenuity (and the capital and know-how) so they can focus on the one thing they are best equipped to do: work hard. A combination of poorly developed capital markets, ill-considered labour regulations, reliance on technologies that are imported from more labour-scarce economies and a host of other factors means many developing countries fail to create jobs”.  Read more HERE .

Posted 23 December 2013

As sent from Jean Marie Desrosiers

Read here how we need to view Haiti through different eyes in the objective to help them and do no harm.

Posted 18 December 2013


View the video trailer of "Girl Rising" click here. We hope to view this film in April 2014.

"A dream with a deadline".  The millennium development goals (MDG).  See the short click here from Bill Gates,


Annan, Kent After Shock searching for honest faith when your world is shaken. InterVarsity Press 2011.  A personal account of a man’s walk of faith.

Dubois, Laurent Haiti the Aftershocks of History. Metropolitian Books 2012.  An excellent source of Haitian political history, very readable and a must for anyone traveling to Haiti.

Farmer, Paul Haiti after the earthquake. PublicAffairs, 2011.  A detailed description of the work of Partners in Health in Haiti.

Kidder, Tracy Mountains beyond Mountains. Random House, Inc. 2009.  The quest of Dr. Paul Farmer and his lifelong work to advocate for the poor to treat TB, HIV and other diseases around the world.  The focus is on the Zanmi Lasante clinic in Cange, Haiti.

Kristof, Nicholas and WuDunn Sheryl Half the Sky. Knoph, 2009.  Turning oppression into Opportunity for women worldwide.  Excellent resource guide.

Sachs, Jeffrey D. The Price of Civilization. Mr. Sachs, a development economist at Columbia University, believes that “at the root of America’s economic crisis lies a moral crisis: the decline of civic virtue among America’s political and economic elite.”

Sachs, Jeffrey D. The End of Poverty. Penguin Books, 2005.  Economic possibilities for our time.

Williams Jr. CPPS, PhD, Clarence Racial Sobriety, Becoming the change you want to see. Institute for Recovery from Racisms, 2007  Reading recommended by CRS.