Progress report

Above St. Benoit 2017 
Haiti Mission Trip April 18-24, 2017

The continued progress is astounding.  The church continues to receive improvements so that they do not flood or sustain water damage from the rains.  The rectory now has several rooms for visitors and has become the hub of the community.
The students in both elementary and high school appreciate their daily hot school lunch.  The high school students come to school one hour earlier to partake in this meal.
The teachers continue to come with teaching certifications, ensuring the students are well prepared to pass their exams.
Some private donations have be used to build two private homes on the grounds owned by the church by the most neediest of families.  These are not ministry funds, but donations from outside donors.
The nurse has her own station and treats between 10-12 patients per day with the limited supplies she has.
The work continues at St. Francois Xavier in Giles, Haiti which was adopted by St. Francis of Assisi, Fr. Mike Schneller, Uptown New Orleans.  The dedication is set for December 2017 on the feast day of St. Francois Xavier, December 3rd.
Our charter continues to be about education and helping those individuals with respect and dignity to enhance their lives by experiencing the universal church in reaching out to them. 
Vitamin Angels micronutrient grant renewed in December 2017.
 The details of the grant from Vitamin Angels in Santa Barbara, CA are for Vitamin A, Albendazole and multi vitamins for pregnant and lactating women are below.  The child mortality rate in Haiti is one of the highest in the world.  59 deaths for every 1,000 live births as last reported in 2015.  That is about 17,000 children under the age of five.  The micronutrients are live saving for the children 6 months to 5 years old and we are most grateful to Vitamin Angels for their continued generosity.
From: Minaud Dacius <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date: Wed, Dec 13, 2017 at 11:22 AM
Subject: December 13, 2017 Vitamin Angels Micronutrient Grant: Mary Queen of Peace/ St. Benoit Church (Haiti)
To: "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>, "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Dear Muguet and Mgr. Wildor,

Thank you again for submitting your application to Vitamin Angels! We would be pleased to support your work in Haiti by providing Mary Queen of Peace/ St. Benoit Church with the following micronutrient grant:

- 500 doses of Vitamin A 100,000 IU - Children 6-11 Months (1 bottles, enough for 500 beneficiaries)
- 1000 doses of Vitamin A 200,000 IU - Children 12-59 Months (2 bottles, enough for 500 beneficiaries)
- 1000 doses of Albendazole 400 mg - Children 12-59 Months (1 bottles, enough for 500 beneficiaries)
- 102060 doses of Multivitamins - Pregnant Women (567 bottles, enough for 284 beneficiaries)

Please let me know if you'd like to accept the grant. 

?Attached is the packing list - please make sure to bring a copy with you at the time of delivery. The warehouse is located at Bon Repos, Route Nationale #1. Contact them at 3225-1521 or 3356-3224 for directions. Please make sure to retrieve your shipment within the next two weeks.

More info and materials are available on our website at:, including our Guidelines for Administration of Vitamin A Supplements manual, which I will send to you as a hard copy.

Our feedback and reporting schedule will be as follows:
  6 month check-in     Phone/Skype call     June 1, 2018  
  Annual project report     Submit VA Reporting Form     November 1, 2018  

We will contact you throughout the year to schedule the check-in phone call as well as remind you to submit our annual reporting form (sample attached) on, or before, the date indicated above. Please review the attached Annual Reporting form, as it will be helpful in indicating the type of data you should be collecting throughout the year.

Please let me know if you have any questions; we look forward to working with you to help alleviate micronutrient deficiency in Haiti.

Best wishes,

Minaud Dacius, MD, MPH 
Consultant - Haiti Program Advisor 
e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
p: 509.3900-4803
Haiti Mission Trip March 30 - April 5, 2016
Progress report:


The grounds look very good with continued improvement.  All of the classrooms are complete, except the 12th grade.  The school kitchen is functioning well and the elementary school children are receiving a hot lunch each day.
98% of the students pass their classes and move to the next level year school year.
The assembly hall is roughed in with a metal roof.  Outlets, plastering and painting are needed.
The 2nd story of the rectory is roughed in, no roof to date.
There are local ladies that will weave some baskets and embroider some tea towels for us to sell.
We bought several original paintings from local artist Jean Veny Brezil.
The high school students need a 12th grade teacher, the construction cost of the building and library is not something we agreed to at this time.
The high school students would also like to receive a hot lunch.
Monsignor would like to add music teacher to the staff.
The goat program is extremely successful and additional goats would be welcomed.
A library on site would be welcomed.
Parish Feast in July ~$4,000.00
More teaching aids such as:


  • Elementary dictionaries; (7) French and (6) high school French/English dictionaries are needed for school.
  • Geometry tools for teachers, ruler, compass, triangle kit & protractor for black board use as well as individual students.
  • Plastic file folders with strap
  • Standard letter sized envelopes
  • Scotch tape
  • Calculators for teachers and students
  • White construction paper for elementary students
  • Acrylic paint of all colors, small paintbrushes
  • Construction paper of all colors
  • Colored crayons
Haiti Mission Trip 2015
Haiti Mission Team travelers, Beth Warwick Baran, Pat Veters, Sister Marina, Fr. Ian, Bishop Dumas, Msgr. Wildor Pierre, Muguet Bolotte, Tony Pastorello, Mark Ripple
Pat Veters and Mark Ripple are from St. Dominics in New Orleans and will partner with Mt. Carmel in Haiti, a nearby church and school in our Haitian Archdiocese.
April 2015 2nd story of the assemble hall directly above the church.
April 2015 2nd story of the rectory with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths.
April 2015 Front of St. Benoit de Dessource.
Morning assembly for the elementary school, lead by school principal Jean Rigaud Normil.
April 2015 4th grade class enjoying the cards written in French by MQP students.
JULY 2014: First graduating class of Kindergarten 2014 at EcoleParioissialeStaint Benoit deDessources
10 July 2014
Water well kiosk in relation to St. Benoit
Close up of well
7 May 2014
The 2014 Haiti mission trip was very successful with no mishaps.  The construction has advanced quickly with an additional room and bath in the rectory and much more.  There is now a second priest (Vicar) and a seminarian Mertyl Fritznel ABBE. Mertyl serves as the middle school principal and teaches catechists.
  • The cafeteria is 95% complete and is also used as a meeting hall, cinema and other large gatherings.  It has been named the "Mary, Queen of Peace Hall".  Plaster and paint is all that is needed.
  • The kitchen, pantry, toilet and three additional classrooms are 90% complete, just plaster and paint are needed.
  • Monsignor was able to acquire new tables and school desks from Food For The Poor in Miami.
  • The cement fence is a two story, cinder block, plastered and painted wall that encloses the property.  Just one main gate is in need to secure it.  See top picture of the wall in the background.
  • The big news was the water well.  It is 100% complete and paid for.  We sent the final check in April.  It is well managed and has specific operating hours.  The generator must be turned on to activate the pump, therefore, there are specific operating hours of the well.  A local parishioner donated the property on which it is built.  It is much nicer than we had anticipated.  The pictures above show the well in relation to the church and a closeup of the well.  There is also a water source inside the school compound.
  • The community is most grateful to the parishioners of Mary, Queen of Peace for this lifesaving infrastructure.  Thank you to all that have donated to the Haiti Solidarity Partnership Ministry to complete this well.

15 June 2014

Thank you to Tracy Thomassie from "Dress a Girl Around the World" for donating 100 beautifully sewn dresses for young girls.  Below is a picture of the girls receiving their dresses during the vitamin distribution.



Click here to view their site

10 February 2014

A message from Monsignor Wildor on the distribution of funds sent in January:

"Thank you to the ministry I will do what I suppose to do whit the funds and send the report.  On behalf of the students and the teachers all the employees I thank you so much whit your help Dessources is moving very well God bless you all ministry members and people who help any way by sponsoring a students or others ways, once again thank you.  whit all my heart. Msgr Wildor"


9 February 2014

A general update on the progress at St. Benoit

On behalf of Monsignor Wildor and the people of St. Benoit a very grateful "Thank you, for changing the face of Dessources."

The church is complete, the well is operational, and the elementary school construction continues.  The partnership between Mary, Queen of Peace and St. Benoit has enabled all of the St. Benoit parishioners to participate in the building of the church and school.  They have received not only the funds to purchase the materials but have taken much pride and dignity in each of their contributions towards the construction.  From the heavy labor to the women that provide water and feed the workers, and those that have given what they can, all have contributed to the finished product.  It is truly "their community, their church."
St. Benoit has started a hot school lunch program, opened a pre-K program, hired additional teachers and are now able to pay the teachers consistently their $100.00-$125.00 monthly wage.  They are now offering middle school education to the students and they hope to send the teachers for additional training.
We have posted two funding pages on the Food For The Poor site, one for the water well and one to purchase goats.  We have received one grant for vitamins for children under the age of 5 for 5 years.
The Haiti Solidarity Partnership Ministry receives most of the financial donations during the last quarter of the year.  All of the donations large and small make an impact in the lives of the people at St. Benoit.  Especially the students that are able to attend school for the first time.  The small, incremental donations allow us to establish an operating budget and ensure that we can send funds on a quarterly basis to meet the basic needs of the church and school.  The ministry is able to maximize each gift's effectiveness by creating separate line items for tuition, food, salaries, etc.  Be assured whatever amount you give is put to good use for the needs of the people of St. Benoit.
Our longer term strategy, after the construction is complete, is to move into the micro finance area to stimulate the local economy so they can launch businesses, produce more, sell more and save more to send their children to school.  Once the money begins to circulate within the community, all will benefit.
A most grateful thank you for your continued generosity towards our extended family in Haiti.





5 January 2014

Christmas in Haiti

Read the delightful article by Sheila Stroup on our visit with Jean Bernard Orival as he describes Christmas in Dessources here.


20 December 2013

A thank you message from Monsignor Wildor:

We received the funds. I will send you the first report we say thank you to the ministry and to all people at MQP who always help our school, our parish in Dessources May God bless you all. Merry Christmas. This coming Sunday we will have a Christmas concert also we will distribute some bags of food to the people. Msgr Wildor


30 November 2013

The water is flowing at St. Benoit and we need to pay the bill.

The last pump has been installed on the property of St. Benoit Church and the water is flowing.  The distribution pipe will run outside to the end of the property so the community will have access to the water source.  They are all very excited and thank the parishioners of Mary, Queen of Peace for their commitment and generosity.  Monsignor states "Thank you very much, we can do nothing without Mary, Queen of Peace, thank you Fr. Ronnie, the partnership committee and the parishioners.  May god bless you.  Monsignor Wildor."

The well was much deeper than anticipated and we still owe Food For The Poor $10,417.00 to pay for the well.  It is now complete and you can donate directly for this project on line at:




7 November 2013

Projects for St. Benoit

Projects for St. Benoit Dessources 2013
Paroisse Saint Benoit   11/8/13    
Diocese: Anse-a-Veau/Miragoane   Updated by  
Msgr. Wildor Pierre   Haiti Solidarity Partnership Ministry
Dessources, Haiti BP 281   Muguet Bolotte  
Port Au Prince, Haiti   985 705 1846  
011 509 3697 73 78   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
011 509 3926 30 46        
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.        
Description Units Cost Per Unit Monthly Yearly
1) Finish kitchen, WC, Pantry 1     $7,000.00
2) Finishing of Cafeteria and classrooms     - $42,500.00
3) Cement Fence (front) for security + playground 1     $8,000.00
4) Rectory addition room finishing   TBD estimate $4,000.00
5) Water well est (Food for the Poor,FFTP) new quote for deep well 1 $15,717.00 9/23/13 $10,417.00
Subtotal       $71,917.00
6) Elementary school salaries  (paid) 12 $109.33 9 $983.97
7) School lunch program for 2013-2014(paid) 1 $1,100.00 9 $9,900.00
8) Teacher salaries middle school (paid) TBD $687.00 9  
9) Middle school tuition(teacher salaries) (paid) 100 TBD 9 $12,875.00
Rectory Expenses   $1,200.00 12 $14,400.00
Mobile Medical clinic   TBD 0  
Animal husbandry program (last priority)   TBD 0  
Koch Grant matching funds MQP promised(Mar 2014)   $3,750.00 0  
Transport of church bell to Dessource from local town 1     $1,585.00
Chapel St. Francois Xavier - TBD 1 $48,000.00    
Tuition assistance Koch Grant Pending March 2014 1 $3,750.00    
Paid and complete 2013        
Tuition middle, teacher salaries, school lunch(,6,7,8,9)     9/9/13 $14,737.00
Road grading, parish feast, rectory exp, rear fence   $11,037.00 7/3/13 $11,037.00
Cafeteria roof, classroom phase 2(25K Tithing $4525 ministry) 1   3/25/13 $31,000.00
Rectory roof, finishing plaster, paint (ministry) 1 $14,000.00 2/22/13 $14,037.00
Misc expenses, vehicle taxes, youth day (ministry paid) 1 $3,000.00 3/20/13 $3,037.00
Rectory Expenses (salaries, generator fence, cistern)Minisitry   $6,000.00 6/10/13 $6,037.00
Total paid and complete 2013     1/0/00 $65,148.00
Paid and complete 2012     -  
Teacher salaries, hurricane, sponsor 10 children (ministry)   $11,000.00 9/13/12  
School kitchen, toilet and roof (Tithing) 1 $45,300.00 11/29/12 $7,500.00
3 more classrooms, cafeteria (2nd floor)  phase 1 1 " " $16,000.00
Church finishing inside and out 1 " " $16,800.00
Over budget on school roof 1 $4,000.00   $4,000.00
Church Roof extension 1 $13,000.00   $13,000.00
School Lunch Program (9 months) 4/2012 paid 9 months 1,088.00 $9,792.00
Teacher salaries $4.25 per day (9 months)* Paid by ministry 11 $85.00 935.00 $8,415.00
Finishing of the 1st floor classrooms 1   - $7,600.00
Total paid and complete 2012     - $83,107.00
Yellow highlights denote operational expenses   Yearly Subtotal   $312,832.00
    TOTAL   $312,832.00
Direct deposit to St. Benoit        
All checks payable to: Paroisse St. Benoit Dessources via FONKOZE account number on file  
*Teacher salaries paid from Sept 2013-Jun 2014

A thank you message from Monsignor Wildor

29 October 2013


Hi Muguet, I am back  in Haiti and everthing is fine I would like to thank everyone who made my visit possible in Mandeville., special thanks for Fr Ronnie,  all members partership committee,  all the parishioners.
Thank you for everyone who took care of me. Thank thank you with all of my heart May God continue to bless you all and Mary Queen of Peace Parish.   A special thanks to the Knights of Columbus.
Msgr Wildor
Thank you to all of you that made Monsignor's visit a special one.
Some updates from his visit and meeting:
  • Mary, Queen of Peace Parishioners donated $22,000.00 in the second collection for St. Benoit!
  • We have updated the project list and will share at the next meeting.
  • Tithing committee met on Wednesday and confirmed they would send $15,000.00 to St. Benoit for various projects with reporting of expenses by Monsignor.
  • I will have an updated financial report by our next meeting.
  • We have an updated list of the 8 scholarship students for middle school.
  • St. Scholastica will continue to participate in the tuition support of Nerline Charlotin and Nerland Mascary to middle school.
  • Thank you to Kathy Cain for her most generous gift of his first eye exam and prescription glasses for Monisgnor.
  • We will use our "Champions Page" at Food For The Poor to raise remaining funds for the well.  We will distribute further information on how to disseminate this information.
Our next meeting will be Wednesday, Nov 6th from 5:30-7pm in room 2 of the parish center.  Please let me know if there are any items you would like addressed so I can include them on the agenda.


15 October 2013

Welcome to Monsignor Wildor's Facebook page!

5 October 2013

Welcome Monsignor Wildor

We welcome Monsignor Wildor Pierre to visit us Oct 18-23, 2013.  He will be concelebrant at all of the weekend masses and celebrant at the Sunday, Oct 20th 6pm mass.  He will also be the celebrant at the children's mass on Wednesday, Oct 23 at 9am.  Please welcome him home.  Haiti Solidarity Ministry meeting is scheduled on Tuesday, Oct 22 from 1:30-2:30 in the parish center room 2.


20 September 2013

Water is Priceless

Water found at 640'.  Food For The Poor has confirmed that Water For Life has found a water source at 640ft.  This is a deep well for Haiti as most wells are in the 150' range.  We have paid the $5,400.00 as originally quoted and made from our 2013 Night in Haiti event.  We owe another $10,400.00 for the remainder of the well, pump and wiring.   Our ministry funds are now at zero and we hope to raise more funds for the people of St. Benoit during Monsignors Oct 18-23, 2013 visit.

We have also created a landing page specifically for the well at Food For The Poor These funds go directly to Food For The Poor using our source code 93186 assigned to the well for St. Benoit.


6 August 2013

Roads Graded Throughout Dessources

Monsignor Wildor has confirmed that the grading of the roads is complete.  Raymond Withers of the Canadian organization "Hope for Haiti" spent 8 days grading the roads to Dessources.  The mission travelers met Raymond in February during their trip.  They have heavy equipment to smooth out the ruts and travel is much quicker and safer for vehicles, people and donkeys.  The labor is free from Hope for Haiti and the charges are for the heavy equipment and gas.   They worked 8 hours per day, each day, to complete the project. The $2,400.00 was sent from the parishioners of Mary, Queen of Peace, via the Haiti Ministry.  Monsignor states "the people of Dessource are so thankful that Mary, Queen of Peace continues to change the face of Dessources, thank you Mary, Queen of Peace."

As soon as pictures are available they will be posted.


25 July 2013

Vitamin Angels Micronutrient Grant Awarded

We have been awarded a micronutrient grant from Vitamin Angels for their "Thrive to Five" program.  After learning of the extremely high infant mortality rate of 70 deaths to 1000 live births in Haiti we started doing some research.  In neighboring Dominican Republic the infant mortality rate is 25:1000, the U.S. is 8:1000 and Cuba is 6:1000.(1)

The grant is to supply micronutrients for pregnant/lactating women and children from 6 months to 5 years old.  The dosing is a follows: vitamin A two doses per year for infants of 6 months to children of 5 years.  Multivitamins for infants of 6 months to children of 5 years.  The program is for 1,000 children for five years!  There are also enough multivitamins for 100 pregnant / lactating women.

We have already received the single 34lb. box of multivitamins for the pregnant / lactating women.  We will begin with this program in conjunction with the 100 baby blankets that have been made by caring hands and so generously donated.

This is a big program, but with the supporting tools of Vitamin Angels we expect success.  If you would like to be a part of this project please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Monsignor Wildor was very pleased to participate in our 25th anniversary mass.  He shares his thanks with all of the ministry members and parishioners for their most generous support of St. Benoit.

He was pleased to give us the following updates upon his visit in June.

  • The cafeteria roof is now complete and is just awaiting the finishing touches. They will have shelter for their feast day of July 11 and he was extremely pleased about this.  Read more about the feast day in the July Peace Times.
  • To date for 2013, the Haiti Solidarity Ministry has sent funds to complete the finishing of the rectory to include plaster and paint, transporting a generator he received from Food for the Poor and the accompanying cement pad and secured room for the generator.
  • They also dug a large hole for the rectory to dispose and burn their trash as well as payment of three months of back pay for the rectory workers.  The rectory expenses are estimated at $1,200.00 per month and this includes all of the charcoal, diesel, food, supplies and salaries for the many workers at the church.
  • The Haiti ministry still has funds available and all finances can be shared in the meetings or simply call me.  I have been requested to not share the finances via email.  We have sent funds for construction, which is really not our space, but tithing only distributes funds once a year in October, and planning is difficult in Haiti.

He is awaiting the surveyors from Water for Life and Food for the Poor to come and confirm the details of the water well and animal inventory.  We are holding these and funds for distribution once the survey is complete.

The next priority of projects is the grading of the roads to St. Benoit, funding for the parish feast, rectory expenses for two months and overages due on the cement fence in the rear of the church.  Fr. Ronnie approved sending these funds from the ministry account on June 28th.

The next big project is finishing the cafeteria, kitchen, upstairs classrooms, toilet and pantry.  These funds will come from the tithing account.

He also clarified that they do not presently have a church bell as it fell on Bethany, a worker, during construction and is cracked beyond use.  However, Bethany is OK.

He brought with him necessary paperwork so we can apply for a Koch Foundation grant for tuition of 100 students for middle school and re apply for a Vitamin Angels grant for pregnant/lactating women and children under 5.  The mortality rate for children under 5 is an alarming 66 per 1,000 live births in Haiti as compared to 23 in neighboring Dominican Republic, 5 in Cuba and 7 in the U.S. [1] This number is down from 150 in 2010 for Haiti.

The parish has grown by two more chapels to total 8.  The new chapels are St. Pierre and St. Paul in Ricot and one to be named (Fatima or Gabrielle) in Le Risson.

They will start a kindergarten class in the fall at St. Benoit and will hire a certified teacher from Port-au-Prince.  We shared findings from the educational subcommittee and discussed the teacher certification training through the local CEEC (Episcopal Commission for Catholic Education in Haiti).  We have given him the local contact information to follow up on.

Foremost in his mind is the medical needs of the community.  The closest hospital is in Font-des-Negres, a two-hour drive.  He has allocated space for a clinic and highest on the list is antibiotics for infections, treatment for water born illnesses and basic first aid supplies.  Some of these items we can address right away.  Our initial focus will be the well being of new mothers and their babies. We will begin the research to see what organizations we can contact to assist them for their medical needs.  A mobile clinic would be a good start.  We also discussed a water filtration system on their new well.

On June 25th we met with First Baptist Church in Covington to learn of their activities over the years and how they purchased land and are now constructing a very small medical clinic in Canaan (about 1 hr from Port-au-Prince).  They were very forthcoming with information and gave us a contact person in Haiti.  We are well ahead of this as the land is already in their hands and they are really looking for sponsors to build and establish the clinic.

They continue to work hard and are all very thankful for the opportunities that Mary, Queen of Peace is offering them and continue to keep us in their prayers.

We are in the process of migrating to the new MQP website, please check this site for updates and scheduled events:

We will continue to leave up the old site and may transition it to a site for St. Benoit.  Monsignor  would like to get a website up for St. Benoit.

Have a great summer and remember our next meeting is September 4, 2013 5:30-7pm in room 2. We will get started with the planning for the Night in Haiti event scheduled for March 15, 2014.

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any inquiries.


Pictures of the recent progress made at St. Benoit since the October 2012 visit.

February 24, 2013  The church is complete!

Construction continues all around at the school.PSB 2013


October 2012 the front of a the church is taking shape.

St. Benoit Church

No time was wasted to begin construction on the school kitchen below.

Construction of new indoor kitchen (above)


The middle school was built by a Canadian led consortium.  They are awaiting funding to complete the school with solar power, water, a perimeter fence and teacher salaries.  100 students are anxiously awaiting the opening of the school

Secondary School


View of middle school from St. Benoit Church

Ecole Paroissial St. Benoit de Dessources

Inside the classrooms of the middle school

Inside classrooms