How you can help


Sponsorships for any of the following needs:

Selling hot food at market

Selling hot food at market

See the CRS page for unlimited opportunities to do some research on specific issues.  Or see our own brochure in thedocuments page for the projects below

  • Clean water - Water is at the top of their list.  Thank you for your generous donations.  The water well is complete!
  • The goat project via Food For the Poor is complete.  We have sent two rounds of goats to St. Benoit and the program is sustaining itself.  We always accept donations for goats  at $90.00 each.
  • Medical Aid - They need a mobile clinic to visit on a regular schedule.  The closest clinic is a two hour drive and they don't have cars.
  • Agriculture/agronomy - There are programs that can be tapped into to teach them how to get better yields in the fields.
  • Animal Husbandry - We will extend the goat program.  The chicken coop was cost prohibitive from Food For The Poor.
  • Nutritional foods - Most of the children are undernourished.  We have been awarded a micronutrient grant from Vitamin Angels to distribute multivitamins to children and pregnant women.
  • Sustainable employment - The biggest employer is St. Benoit school and church.  We subsidize them 100%.  They have no other benefactors.
  • Microfinance projects - FONKOZE and CRS has many programs.
  • in 2018 will will send our first 5 students to university in Haiti.  Thanks to the Healing Eyes of Mercy foundation we have a good foothold to see these 5 students through their programs.  University in Haiti is about $1,000.00 per year, per student.

All checks for St. Benoit should be made out to "Haiti Solidarity Partnership" and note "goat" or "education" or "teacher sponsor" or the area where you would like the funds to be applied to, on the memo line.  They can be mailed to Mary, Queen of Peace Catholic Church, 1501 W. Causeway Approach, Mandeville, LA  70471 or dropped off at the parish center.

Thank you for your continued support.

Visit our crafts display in the parish library.

This sterling silver Haitian coat of arms is available for sale in the Haiti display case in the library at the parish center with other original paintings and crafts.

Prices to ministry members $45  general public $60.    Please contact Jane Brown

(985 373 2305) to purchase.

Sterling silver pin/pendant

Sterling silver pin/pendant

Coat of arms detail