A Night in Haiti 2019

Mary, Queen of Peace celebrated our 7th Night in Haiti fundraiser on March 23. Thanks to our many wonderful sponsors. Find out more about our Night in Haiti.

100% of the funds received go directly to St. Benoit to fund the church and school.  This is one of two events during the year we raise funds for St. Benoit.  The other fundraiser is during Monsignor Wildor's yearly fall visits where we request a collection for St. Benoit.  We operate on a shoestring and donations are welcomed any time.  Thank you for your continued support of St. Benoit.



Night in Haiti 2019


Thank you to everyone who supported our Night in Haiti event. It was a beautiful Saturday evening and we raised $29,376.00 for St. Benoît.


During our first visit to St. Benoît in 2012 we were pleased to see the progress to complete the roof on the damaged church. Since that visit the hand of God has helped us and the parishioners of St. Benoît to make their village one they are very proud of today. Everyone takes part in making it a success. Initially, we received grants to purchase a vehicle and provide pre natal and micronutrients to the expecting mothers and young children. We have drilled a water well for all to use, built a solid concrete church, school and rectory. The school now educates close to 500 students from Pre-K to 12th grade.   The students receive a hot meal each day. Dress a Girl Around the World has hand sewn over 800 dresses for the children, 500 goats have been donated by Mary, Queen of Peace parishioners to help the impoverished families.


Each year that we travel to Haiti we bring medicines, pre natal vitamins, hosts, baptismal gowns, baby blankets, undergarments even wedding dresses. But most of all we bring HOPE to all of the people of Dessources. They are so grateful to Mary, Queen of Peace. In Haiti, each diocese does not assist the parish churches in any way. They are completely on their own. The community lives in extreme poverty and their Sunday collection is about $3.00. They have nothing to give. Just their crops so Monsignor Wildor can feed the rectory and church staff. The school has become a beacon to foster vocations to the priesthood. Monsignor Wildor has accepted seminarians for formation in the Catholic Church and they assist with teaching the children’s catechism.


Under the support of Fr. John, The Haiti Solidarity Partnership Ministry continues to focus on offering the community a safe and dry place to celebrate mass, ensure the children can have a meal so they can focus on their studies. The objective for our Night in Haiti fundraiser is to continue to educate the children academically and in the Catholic faith.


This past year has been very exciting. The funds we have sent have completed the elementary school and rectory. A large underground cistern was dug to store rainwater; qualified teachers are now on staff and live in some of the school classrooms modified as dormitories for the school session. Our support keeps the school functioning.


Our ministry has also reached out to others and inspired St. Dominic in New Orleans to adopt Mt. Carmel church and school, a 20 minute drive from Dessources. They now have a functioning school and are working on the rectory. St. Francis of Assisi in New Orleans has adopted the most devastated chapel St. Francois Xavier, in Giles, a two-hour drive from Dessources. They took this on as their 125th anniversary goal. This is one of the oldest chapels and dates to 1889. It is almost complete.


Our Lady of Fatima Chapel is another chapel that is under construction with the funds from a determined Mary, Queen of Peach parishioner, our tithing committee and Fr. Ronnie during his tenure at St. Catherine of Sienna in Metairie. We are still short to complete this chapel.


Other outreach programs have been donations from private donors to build homes and send St. Benoît graduating students to college in Haiti. We now have 5 homes and 12 students in college. The college program was initiated by Karen and Tom Sheeys non-for profit, “The Healing Eyes of Mercy Foundation.” Now, more people want to sponsor a student for higher education.


We know that education is the door to the future and this continues to be our focus. Now that the construction is mostly complete the students can study with qualified teachers. The high school is 80% complete, with a solid roof, library and fence yet to be built.


With the hand of God we are laying the foundation for an entire community to become self-sufficient one day. This process of being self-sustaining rests on our shoulders. This is not an easy task and will take decades for St. Benoît to see the results of all of the seeds planted there. Fortunately, St. Benoît has the support of a strong parish at Mary, Queen of Peace, with the continued support they will one day be a parish that can stand on its own.


We are amazed at what God has allowed one parish to do for this entire community. Thank you for your continued support. They continue to pray for us.


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