Encountering Christ: Join the Journey

Encountering Christ is a journey of self-discovery. There are no meetings to attend, no dues to pay, no homework to be done.

Encountering Christ is simply for you - to lead you step by step on a journey toward God. There are four invitations, of five weeks each. Each weeks invites you to consider a question, to be shared only between you and God or with others of your choosing.

Invitation One: Searching for Meaning

Invitation Two: Opening Your Heart to God's Saving Grace

Invitation Three: Discovering Jesus

- Week One: What Has the Life of Jesus Meant to You? Click here

- Week Two: Is Your Heart Open to a Closer Relationship with Jesus?

- Week Three: What Keeps You from Trusting Jesus as a True Friend?

- Week Four: Will You Ask for a Friendship with Jesus?

- Week Five: A Summary

Invitation Four: Learning to Live in His Way

= Week One: How Can you Follow Jesus' Way of Being Led by God?

= Week Two: How Can You Follow Jesus' Way of Embracing the Cross?

 = Week Three: How Can We Live in Community as Jesus Did?

 = Week Four: 

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