A Note about the Fleur de Fall

The Fleur-de-Fall takes a Field Trip: After much discussion and consideration, and in light of survey responses that overwhelmingly support a change, our annual Fleur de Fall fundraiser will take place at Beau Chene Country Club in 2018. The event, which is both a fundraiser and an opportunity for fellowship for both parish and school, is scheduled for October 6 from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Why the move this year? A few reasons:

·         Taking into consideration the cost of tent, table, and chair rental when holding the event on campus, holding the event at Beau Chene will cost only slightly more than holding the event here – the difference is less than $1,000.

 ·         The workload on volunteers will be greatly reduced.

 ·         We will not have to cancel school the Friday before the event.

 ·         The weather will be a minimal factor, if at all, since the event will be indoors.

 ·         The idea of holding the event offsite has come up each year, and so it was decided that Beau Chene would be a reasonable choice, since it is in our parish community.

 ·         A survey sent to parishioners and school families elicited 155 responses (50 percent of respondents with children in the school, and 50 percent parishioners without children in the school). Of those responding, 83 percent supported the idea of holding the event at Beau Chene.

Many thanks to all who have supported the Fleur-de-Fall through the years. We hope to see everyone on October 6, 2018! Remember: Wherever we are, we are Mary, Queen of Peace.