School Reach System

Communication between parents/guardians and the school is vital to building a strong and supportive school community. Upcoming events, emergencies or weather-related closings present problems of their own. Some schools rely on a "phone chain" where one parent on a list calls the next one, and so on. That process may work for certain situations, but it frequently fails due to unanswered phones and frustrated parents. Email is another option we use to contact parents, but unless someone is right at their computer, it doesn't help with notices requiring immediate action.

In order to minimize potential problems and improve communications between Mary, Queen of Peace and our families, we utilize the School-Reach Communication System

How Does It Work?
In the event of a weather-related closure, schedule changes or activities announcements, our MQPCS families will receive a phone call through the School-Reach phone system.

In the event no one is home to answer the call, School-Reach will ring until your answering machine or service kicks in. The message will be left for you to retrieve as you normally would. If you do not have an answering machine or service, School-Reach attempts three times to call at periodic intervals. After the third attempt, School-Reach notifies the MQPCS contact that no one answered at that particular number.

Update Your Contact Information Please make sure to advise the school immediately if you change your home or cell phone number.