Students love music classes at Mary, Queen of Peace, and for good reason!  Starting with the early childhood programs, students explore musical concepts such as rhythm and pitch through many singing and movement activities.  Materials such as lummi sticks and Orff instruments provide endless opportunities to learn these concepts and develop listening, singing and rhythmic skills.

Lower elementary students are provided with more challenging music concepts.  To enhance the learning experience, boomwackers and desk bells are used.  As a result, the students learn notation, tempo, and dynamics with much enthusiasm.

In third through fifth grades, the basic tenants of music are covered in depth as students learn to play the recorder.  All students learn to read music, and they gain knowledge of the theoretical concepts necessary to learn to play a musical instrument.  Using all of their knowledge and skills, the fifth grade students aspire to play ”Amazing Grace“ for Mass as a culmination of their efforts.

Above all, music instruction fosters a love of music in Mary, Queen of Peace students.   The enjoyment of making music is one of the most important goals that is achieved through years of music classes at our school.